Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Discovery

This is about part two of a digital painting. The first part was about finding a painting with atmospheric lighting, switching human heads with animal heads and exploring the colors for my version of the painting.

Rembrand And Me

I got a comment for the first part,
Say, do I see a wicked witch on a broom there? Nice challenging project to learn about Gimp!
and according to this comment I've made slight changes to my basic idea. A huddled figure in the foreground and a witch instead of a housewife in the background.

Rembrandt&Me Witch Try

Naturally I was interested what Todd may say now:

A new challenge and I loved the idea, anyway! Although I was not particularly sure how serious Todd was. I did not mind.

Rembrandt & Me with leguana and cookies.

I again tweeted to Todd:

This time Todd was a bit unpatient, but I was grateful for his statement, which lead me to realize how different people perceive art. I presume Todd finds peace in more traditional paintings, rather than in one that  turns everything topsy-turvy.

                                                                Todd's "Calm in Chaos"

However, I have to find my way and proceeded after Todd's beautiful imagination, and finally I found a close where I thought it is not necessary to do further changes.

The Discovery

The following is the picture with which  all began:


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