Sunday, May 25, 2014

What Art Should Be But What Is Called Art

I am showing you two pictures. One I took from my online friend Mariana the other is a screenshot from where I searched images with the art tag. I love Marianas solution of displaying a film scene with miniature items. It is meant to be after a movie poster from "Airplane-The sequel".

  Airplane- The sequel 

I leave it to you to interpret the work, but what I love here is the obvious creativity in it. You can almost feel the intensity of the creation process. I consider that the mentioned movie poster was just a trigger for Mariana to create one of her inner images and how more beautiful it is than the poster.

(One particularly beautiful artwork by Mariana in form of an animated Gif you can find here!) 

 About the second picture, I do not consider much of the search result as art. I really like the tree with the colourful stripes and some more pictures, but most of this site is ego stuff not deeper than the eyes can see. It feels like "AS IF", even fake. Most people generally fear to explore their own beautiful depth and the result is "FAKE ART".

  Art Perception

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Where My Art Comes From


One of the first influences for my today art creations was probably 'Biene Maja' ('The Bee Maja'). I presume this, because I often draw insect characters like the one below. What I am not sure about is if I draw them because my mum liked Biene Maja or because I liked Biene Maja.

                    Martianus and his friends fter a horrible fight.
Marianus is complietely exhausted.

Certainly a major influence for my artwork are fairy tales, which I think as inner representation of what things we have to cope with in life, which is for example becoming an individual person.


I also was very interested in painting with Chinese ink and here animals in particular.


Further more I am fascinated by the Manga style, especially how they paint and draw people.


 Altogether I painted a series of fairy tale illustrations.

                         Town Musicians Of Bremen            Puss In Boots
                  The Hazeltwig    Little Mermaid

I also love drawing and painting portraits in a rather realistic style. Naturally historical masters influenced me. a great deal.

old masters

Still much about portrait painting I learned from books about painting. Painting the Madonna was one of the most fascinating exercises.


But again literature stirred my imagination, like for example J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the movies made from this books.

These impacts resulted in a series of portrait paintings from characters from the Harry Potter films.

      Black                   Buckbeak
      Lupin         Pettigrew

Additionally I am an eager photographer, but it is nothing else than nature itself that inspires me most to take pictures and learn how to improve the quality via technology. This way I can share what I deeply feel when going through nature.

             Reaching The Sky     Trees in misty weather.
    Fall Reflection     Winterly Thunder and Bolt

Concerning videos I am certainly influenced by the experimental film genre of my time, although it is difficult to produce similar videos after movies like "Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin" (Wings of Desire) or "Die Blechtrommel" (The Tin Drum).


 However I want to show you two of my recently produced little videos.


There are certainly more sources that influenced my art style like teachers and the adventures in life, but the above is already a pretty accurate representation of guidance I had so far.