Monday, May 25, 2015

Programming Maze

I currently do two edx courses, Design and Development of Games and Introduction to Programming with Java . As it is the programming introduction uses games to teach and I will evaluate one of them.
The game uses a certain amount of blocks that are essential programming constructs. With the help of the constructs you have to move through a maze to a certain point. To solve the problem you are limited in the amount of blocks you can use so that you are forced to find a clever solution for the problem.

I think this game a great way to try out programming constructs and have fun with it. The course also has tests and other programming assignments. I remember that I was often annoyed doing them for it fits not my way of learning. They are dry and boring for a more intuitive person. Children generally have a more intuitive way of learning, so that this game is very useful in teaching elder children, but also people who want to use programming skills in art and design.
However, the last assignment, which you can see above I did not solve. You are only allowed 4 blocks to reach the question mark. I moved forward whenever there is a straight pass and turning right was my priority whenever there was the possibility to turn, but … at one intersection the guy ought to turn left, which I could not say with just 4 blocks. I really tried a long time, but did not catch it. I think this is bad in a game. You could go to the forums for the social aspect of learning, but I did not want to be the stupid one in the round ;)
I think the game would be much better with some hints and more explanations.

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