Sunday, June 30, 2013

Colorful Grounds - a Land Art adventure.

In spring when it finally went warmer after a long and cold winter I walked through a park and found this, remains of a little party.

Childrens Pary - Land Art Inspiration 3 Childrens Party - Land Art Inspiration 1

I supposed the dirt was left by kindergarten teachers. I know them caring about nature and asked myself, why they did not take it to a garbage can. Then I thought it looks a kind of nice.

Later, when I reflected about doing an environmental installation I remembered this thoughts and images. Surely the children of the party where various in their ethnic backgrounds and I decided to include this idea in my installation.

Colorful Grounds Land Art

Still, I did not only consider children but people of all ages, when I built colorful squares from clay, put a delicate green wire in it and added origami balloons (or if you like squares) on the top of the wires. I arranged them at one of the green spots in Berlin and took care of doing this in a meadow with high grass and wild flowers. The reason is first that my pieces look very nice here, but also that the colorful clay squares are hardly noticeable, although they add enough to the visual impression.

Floating Origami Balloons.

Hardly noticeable ethnic grounds.

This is meant to be a symbol for people with various ethnic roots and backgrounds, which often is not really clear. This is my perception, although I know there are people who would like all people even more similar. Yet, look for example to the Arabian countries and how people look like there, and then look where people look like in western industrial countries. You always have to admit people with Arabian background here look more like people in the western countries.

Despite all this meaning, I loved waiting for the right weather (it rained all week), going outside early in the morning and watching this little beings floating in the wind. I did a little video to give some impression of this to you.

Now I have the dream of taking this little package with me on a journey through the worlds cities and make similar photos and videos from this.

Land Art Package

For the video I've used two sounds (the autofocus did so much noise in the original sound):

wind chimes:

wind through trees:

This post is inspired by an online art course.


  1. Wow! I loved this work. The flowers have come out so nicely and the gentle wind knocking them around felt sooo good!

    I also saw the rock gardens that you were referring to. Yes, they are amazing artworks as well. I feel as if they dropped in water like sand and the whole experience is so dynamic!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, commenting on my art work - this is the best part of this course - making new friends across all borders :)

  2. It seems you are not just an artist, but also a poet; thanks for the nice words.