Sunday, June 16, 2013

I miss my childhood friends.

Because I have started sharing my work and ideas in the world wide web, I have a lot to do with communicating with people I have never met. This is intriguing to me, still, it is not much about having friends, with whom you can meet and go to the pool or into the theatres or listening to good music or going around with the bike. In fact it is not just that online relations are not available for having this kind of fun together, but it is the same  with my adult friends around,  who are all very busy, including me. In fact I often have more connections to my virtual companions than to close people around me.
By these thoughts and facts I felt inspired to create ten envelopes with names of some childhood friends on their front together with an @. I have no connection any more to these friends, so that you have to take the Internet addresses on the envelopes as invented.


Naturally where are envelopes there must be inserts. I just remembered that I loved playing Memory and painted animals on squared paper, which face each other in pairs. By creating the insert in a naive way I refer to children and their ways of creating and being together, which can be described as uncomplicated and easy and still very sensitive to people who surround them.


However, this is not meant to be just a single creation, but in the sense of artists *, whose mail art I admire, I want to really sent about ten envelopes to people in the web and I intend to ask them to meet a person, who got one of the remaining 9 envelopes. This will be the person with the animal on it, which reflects the animal he or she got. They can meet virtually or at a real place, yet, they should create something together. If they meet they can take a photograph from themselves with the two cards or they can sent the images of the animal to each other and make one of it. They may sent it back to me and I will upload the image to an online photo album which will be public.
With my post to any participant I will sent 4 web addresses and an explanation. The participants have to ask the four other participants if they have the matching card. If having found the right person they have to communicate how to realize the shared creation. I think this as a fun game, like the ones I have played during my childhood and I try to convey this experience to people related just via the Internet.

As fast as there are results I will include a link to them here.

Some Mail Art Artists:
Ray Johnson
Eleanor Antin
Ryosuke Cohen

This post is inspired by an online art course I currently attend.

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