Wednesday, May 22, 2013

33 Lovley Elephants

Look here for the first part of a painting project I'm just working on.
I've now finished the first step and have thought out what to do next, which is drawing colored water painting lines right over the previous drawing. My motive will be colorful balls or at least round forms. I will take out the drawings with the light blue border from this. They are finished except from some stresses I'll add.

FreedPainting II by StefanieSophie
During drawing the elephants I sometimes thought about elephants in the circus. I thought it must look nice when I add to the drawings something colorful and why not balls or balloons. Still the aim is not depicting anything representational but to find new and interesting shapes, something that can not be named, but felt. For this it is a good start having an anchor in real world objects, otherwise there's a danger to get lost in the infinity of possible shapes.

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