Monday, May 13, 2013

Deep Sea Touched

I am rather interested in any kind of animation. I like most abstract and experimental animation. I am not very skilled at creating animations, but I like sharing my attempts which are anyway influenced by the years I'm already doing artwork.

Deep Sea Touched is a simple chalkboard animation where a drop of water falls into the deep sea.

Chalkboard animation means there is something drawn on the board and there is taken a photograph. Then the next drawing is added and the earlier drawing is wiped of. This is repeated until the animation is done.
I used my tripod and a camera to take the single images and in the editing software Gimp combined them to this animated gif.


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  2. Great graphics (gifs), Deep see touched, did you made this through photoshop or any online version of photoshop?

  3. I did this one wtih Gimp, which is free. If you like I did a very basic tutorial about Gimp and Gifs:

    In Photoshop the steps are similar. For saving go to "Save for Web" and choose the gif format in the window that appears (right top corner).

  4. Nice and wonderful animated, it is touching my heart. I think it has made with Photoshop Online Free It has some animated option also.