Friday, May 31, 2013

Painting on a conveyer belt.

Some time ago I started a painting project, where I see to parallel paint about 30 pictures. The original idea of Georg Kleber even proposes to paint 30 pictures in 3 days. After I've now completed half of it, I dare say I am not the type of painter for this. I feel as if I must work on an assembly line. First I already needed two weeks and after any step I felt confused by not getting all of what I've created, even worse I could not achieve the quality I feel obliged to achieve. In addition I felt like switching channels and looking shortly what is on, restless, never finding any peace by deepen anything in a painting. I also often got sick of the themes (for each step one theme), first they were elephants, then colourful round forms. Now I am sure I will not paint elephants any more and I may turn to rather paint in black and white or with brownish and greyish colors.

Still, I've achieved some beautiful results, and I will go on. The next step may be people drawn with pastels and the last step is to just finish any painting which is still in need of further treatment.

These paintings are finished, but 18 more are yet to complete

Freed Painting IShadow ReflectionYellow BackgroundHeavy BurdenCreviceAngry Balance
Elephant PlanetBack of an Indian ElepahntWhite & Black pluss Blue LinesWindmillSea AnemoneBig Ball
Happy ElephantWheel & RibbonChain Of LightsAsian CalligraphyMysterious Musical Instrument33 Loveley Elephants
Second Treatment

Freed Painting, ein Album auf Flickr

Present state of my Freed Painting Project.
(last state)

Second Treatment


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