Monday, May 13, 2013

Yellow Submarine

3D modelling and animation is rather interesting to me. I've already learned a lot about the 3D tool Blender, but mostly created after tutorials, which makes it not unique enough to present it as personal artwork. Then again I have also personal 3D creations, which but are quite simple. 3D needs a lot of knowledge of the tool until you are able to deliver convincing 3D design. Still, I want to post sometimes something when I think it might be interesting to others, too.

I start with a work after a tutorial, which resulted in an animated gif of a yellow submarine.

Click here for the tutorial.

I went through the tutorial, but the result seemed too mechanical and like a plastic model. I've already changed the form and colors after my taste and ability, but in addition I've applied a posterize filter in a video editing software to make it look better designed. I saved the work as single images and in Gimp created the animated gif.

I like the gif because it looks like a mysterious story about a long journey with a peaceful submarine.

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