Monday, May 20, 2013

The Risk of Being a Constructor

There once was a constructor of bridges, who constructed a bridge (Herrenbrücke) which was meant to connect the former commercial center Lübeck with a harbour to the Baltic Sea. It was built (opened 1964), but caused difficulties from the beginning of its existence. They had to open it for relatively small vessels or ships nearly hit the bridge posts, which weren't suitable placed. Even more bad they often could not shut the bridge out of mechanical difficulties, which was causing long waits. It is said the designer of the bridge has jumped down of it, but there is no prove, that this really has happened.
A decade ago they replaced  the bridge by a tunnel (2005) and the bridge has been torn down. Bad is that now it has become more difficult to go by bike from Lübeck to the Baltic Sea. You have to take a bus through the tunnel.

For this animated gif  I've the first time drawn with gimp instead of with the good old pencil, just to see how it is. It's interesting and if you anyway make a digital work out of it the quality of the stroke is good enough. It is just far more complicated. It might be easier to draw with a pencil and to scan the drawing.
Anyway, I took a photo as a background, which I've taken recently. It actually doesn't show the Herrenbrücke but a bridge in Berlin where I live now. I combined this background with my digital drawings and added speech bubbles, which are meant to shortly tell a dramatic story.

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